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EPR cutter,Inside Grooving Cutter holder

we specialize in super-hard machining for special,non-standard new items with different size and tolerance.
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EPR cutter,Inside Grooving Cutter holder


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we specialize in super-hard machining for special,non-standard new items with different size and tolerance.


We can customize tools with different materials and size tolerance according to your demand and condition.


. We can make profile CNC holder withany shape and precision

. We can grind high precision products into any shape and with any tolerance

. We can make profile CNC holder with any shape and structure, special kind, abnormal shape, any precision and tolerance.


Confirm machined materials, HRC, equipment rigidity (value), quantity, we can grind profile angle and dimensional tolerance according to drawings, samples, and requirements … only produce in batch, can completely replace international first-class products, having higher performance/price ratio.


Non-standard, high-precision & small-qty customized production arccording to drawings or samples with fast delivery

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